1. There are so many good ideas! I’ve always liked the idea of using a pegboard for craft supplies…if I ever have my own craft room that will be on the list.

  2. So many good ones, but my favorite is the “Stainless Steel magnetic containers from Amazon” The magenets ( so smart!!!) Thank you for the chance!

  3. The chalkboard calendar is one of my faves. I use it to plan the week so everyone knows what is going on and who goes where. I also use it to plan my weekly menus and that helps stick to the grocery budget and also eliminates getting asked a million and one times what is for dinner.

  4. The command hooks are exactly the solution I’ve been looking for to hang the kiddos tiny jackets on. Good to know hey don’t peel off paint!

  5. I really found the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up more helpful than I imagined. I really like the idea of a Meal Planner.

  6. I struggle with losing our mail or finding it scattered everywhere in our house so the magazine rack would be a perfect idea in our home!

  7. My favorite idea is definitely the closet shelf dividers. I grabbed a couple of these a little while ago and wrangled my toppled-over pile of bulky sweaters into shape. Ahh! :)

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