Five of My Favorite Sewing Tools {Part One}

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Five of My Favorite Sewing Tools by @letseatgrandpa

Happy Friday, my lovelies! Today I’m sharing five of my favorite sewing tools and supplies — with another five coming soon! Some of these may be familiar to you, but I’m hoping you’ll discover some new favorites as well.

1. Wonder Clips

I pinned the binding on my first few quilts, and it was pretty much a stab-fest. I bled on my nephew’s quilt because all the pins were facing in the direction that was best for sticking me under my thumbnails as I sewed on the binding. I’m pretty sure that’s a form of torture.

Five of My Favorite Sewing Tools by @letseatgrandpa

Then I discovered Wonder Clips. They are perfect for attaching binding, either by machine or by hand. They grip the binding without distorting the fabric at all. And best of all — I have yet to bleed while using them! They are a little pricey, but well worth the cost.

You can get them at Amazon and JoAnn.

2. Fabric Grips

If you use a ruler and rotary cutter, I can’t recommend these little sandpaper dots more highly. You put them on the bottom of your cutting ruler and it keeps the ruler from sliding over your fabric.

Five of My Favorite Sewing Tools by @letseatgrandpa

I know that my cutting has been much more accurate since I started using the dots. After a while, they do wear down — just peel them off and stick on a new set in the corners!

You can get them at Amazon and JoAnn

3. Havel’s Serrated Scissors

I have a lot of scissors I love (and I’ll share another pair next week!), but today I want to gush about my micro-serrated scissors.

Five of My Favorite Sewing Tools by @letseatgrandpa

I love how the micro-serrated blade grips the fabric while I’m cutting. They make cutting out intricate designs in felt (like letters) much easier than a traditional blade. Plus the light zipping sound they make as they cut is highly satisfying!

You can get them at Amazon and Overstock

4. Seam-Fix

I’d like to pretend that I never make a mistake, so I never have to use a seam ripper. HA! I rip all the time, as does every other sewer I know. Ripping isn’t that difficult, but it leaves threads everywhere.

Five of My Favorite Sewing Tools by @letseatgrandpa

Then I found the Seam-Fix. It’s a seam ripper with a, well, rubber beehive on the end. Rubbing the end of the Seam-Fix across all those little threads helps pick them up — saving you a ton of time picking them yourself!

You can get them at Amazon and Pink Chalk Fabrics

5. Magnetic Pin Cushion

To say that I love my magnetic pin cushion is an understatement. My aunt gave me hers when I first started sewing and I can’t imagine sewing without it.

Five of My Favorite Sewing Tools by @letseatgrandpa

Whenever I have pins, I can just chuck them in the general direction of the pin cushion and the strong magnet reaches out and grabs the pin. It’s so easy when I’m sewing quickly!

You can get one at Amazon and Save-On-Crafts

Now that I’ve shared five, tell me — what are your go-to sewing tools?


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  1. says

    This was a fun post to read, even though I don’t know how to sew, haha! My mother-in-law is an avid quilter, and I’ve already earmarked the Wonder Clips as birthday/Christmas gifts. Thanks!
    Meg recently posted..Five things on FridayMy Profile

  2. Billye says

    I use a small sticky roller (ones for cat hair or lint on your clothes) to pick up the stray threads after ripping. I can roll it all over the table and floors too!

  3. Shirley Helm says

    Cori, are the scissors 8″ or 10″.? I’m going to order some, just want to make sure I order the right ones.



  4. Shirley Helm says

    I love your blog! Can you tell me our your scissors 8″ or 10″.? I want to order some but want to make sure I get the right ones.

    Thank you!


  5. Shirley Helm says

    I’m sorry my internet has been down most of the morning and my question posted twice. Thanks for the answer.


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